FDA Warns 4 Companies For Hidden Erectile Dysfunction Medications In Honey-Based Products

FDA Warns 4 Companies For Hidden Erectile Dysfunction Medications In Honey-Based Products

If you found yourself getting, ahem, a little too excited about some honey-based products, here might be the reason. Laboratory analyses conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found hidden tadalafil and sildenafil in some honey-based products from four different companies. If you aren’t up on what tadalafil and sildenafil are, they are the active ingredients for Cialis and Viagra, respectively, which are FDA-approved as prescription medications to treat erectile dysfunction. And such ingredients aren’t like hot sauce or mustard. You can’t just drizzle them on anything that you’d like. Instead, you’ve got to raise the possibility with the FDA first to get formal approval to add such ingredients to your products. And even after getting approval from the FDA, you’ve got to then tell customers that such ingredients are present.

As a result, the FDA has sent warning letters to the following four companies:

  • Thirstyrun LLC (also known as US Royal Honey LLC): after finding tadalafil in the Etumax Royal Honey for Him and Dose Vital Honey for Men products and sildenafil in the Secret Miracle Royal Honey product purchased via their websites www.thirstyrun.com and www.usroyalhoney.com
  • MKS Enterprise LLC: after finding tadalafil in the Vital Honey product purchased from www.wholesaleonline1.com
  • Shopaax.com: after finding sildenafil in the Royal Honey for Him product purchased from their website
  • 1am USA Incorporated dba Pleasure Products USA: after finding tadalafil in the X RATED HONEY FOR MEN product purchased from the website www.pleasureproductsusa.com.

Oh, honey. Here’s an FDA tweet about these letters:

You may have to hide your love away as the Beatles sang, but you can’t just hide erectile dysfunction medication ingredients in a product. In all of these cases, the companies had not make it clear that such ingredients were in the products. Not knowing that you’ve taken erectile dysfunction medications like Cialis or Viagra can be a big deal in more ways than one. Clearly it’s better to be forewarned and prepared for any standing effects that may occur.

Awkward moments aren’t the only risk. Erectile dysfunction medications like tadalafil and sildenafil can interact with other medications as well. For example, combining the effects of such ingredients with those of nitrate medications such as nitroglycerin can drop your blood pressure to perilously low levels. This is one of the reasons why you really shouldn’t be taking such prescription erectile dysfunction medications without the supervision of an appropriately licensed health care professional. That means a real health care professional like a medical doctor and not simply anyone who says, “call me doctor.”

The four companies will have to provide written responses to these letters within 15 workdays. And the responses can’t be simply like, “Thanks for the letters. Weather’s been pretty hot. How’s the family? YOLO.” They will have to detail the specific steps that they have taken to address each violation and prevent any recurrence of the violations and be accompanied by relevant documentation.

So before you take any honey-based products, check the package, meaning the box, container, or whatever the product may have come in, to make sure that the product isn’t one of the aforementioned ones included in the warning letters from the FDA. This isn’t the first time the FDA has warned about such tainted love. Before taking anything to power up, so to speak, before sex, it’s a good idea to double-check the FDA’s “Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products” web page that includes a list of products that have had something to hide. This list is by no means exhaustive, since the FDA can’t possibly monitor and test all of the dietary supplements, food, and other so-called sexual enhancement products out there. Beware of any honey-based product that includes any unsupported claims about enhancing your sex life. Just because sex is about the birds and the bees doesn’t mean that honey needs to be involved.

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